Interactive Exhibition
A journey to find the wonders, mysteries, and memories of Ulsan along with the whales of fantasy

Client. Ulsan City 
Category. Interactive Exhibition 
Date. 2023.05

As part of the Ulsan Smart Tourism City Development Project, we participated in the remodeling and production of exhibitions for a 5D video theater in the realistic experience center. This exhibition revolves around Ulsan’s symbol, the whale, and serves as a new landmark that contributes to the promotion of Ulsan’s tourism industry and the revitalization of the local economy. Through interactive installations, visitors discover the true value of Ulsan and envision a future where nature and the local community thrive together.
Embark on a captivating journey as you follow the fantastic whale, exploring the wonders, mysteries, and memories of Ulsan. This immersive interactive media exhibition showcases the unique stories of Ulsan. Starting with photographs symbolizing Ulsan’s seas in the photo zone, you will delve into the world of Ulsan’s beautiful sea. Uncover memories of the legendary Ulsan ghost whale and create and share your own whale using the Ulsan mobile tourism app’s digital aquarium. The exhibition features a variety of interactive content, providing you with the opportunity to experience the beautiful stories and culture of Ulsan. Immerse yourself in the world of whales and savor special moments along the way.
With careful consideration of the exhibition’s purpose and the visitor experience, we intricately divided the existing circular exhibition space to create a natural flow for visitors. This division enables them to sequentially experience five different contents, all while enjoying immersive experiences with effective staging in each space. As a result, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the exhibition, allowing for a high level of engagement throughout their journey.
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The five contents gradually guide visitors into the world of whales.



Media art inspired by the Ulsan sea, and a photo zone where visitors can capture life moments against various backgrounds.



An interactive space where visitors can experience the path of ancient aspirations that has been connected to the Ulsan Bangudae Petroglyphs, designated as a national treasure.



An immersive theater space that introduces the beauty of Ulsan, as narrated by the fantastic whale, creating a captivating experience for visitors.



Endless room depicting the mysterious fragments of memories that portray Ulsan’s past, present, and the presence of whales.



A space where visitors can personally meet their own companion whale, providing an opportunity to interact and spend time with the virtual pet whale in a digital aquarium.

A generative media art installation inspired by the Ulsan sea greets visitors at the entrance of the exhibition. This unique hall structure is designed as a photo zone that is suitable for personal photography.


The installation incorporates a high-resolution media wall that utilizes 4K displays arranged in a 2 x 3 layout, synchronized with the lighting system. This configuration effectively showcases ultra-high-definition media art, boasting a resolution of 3840 x 3240 pixels. Furthermore, the synchronized lighting on both sides of the displays creates an optimized environment and atmosphere, enhancing the visibility of the visuals. With this setup, visitors can sequentially appreciate a series of captivating generative art pieces, enhancing their overall experience.
Stepping Stone
The interactive media art space inspired by the Ulsan Bangudae Petroglyphs offers a unique experience that unfolds with each step of the visitors. This space symbolizes the connection between the ancient and present spirits and history of Ulsan. The interactive media art implemented on the walls and floor depicts fantastic particles spreading and fish fleeing on the water’s surface as visitors step on the stones. Furthermore, when visitors illuminate the stones engraved with the patterns of the petroglyphs, they can experience encounters with creatures from Ulsan’s past.
To overcome spatial constraints such as curved walls and irregular floors, we underwent numerous trials and errors to evolve in a new direction. Leveraging the space, we implemented a stepping stone-like real-time interactive content that visitors can enjoy. This content dynamically responds to the position and actions of the viewers, providing an engaging and interactive experience.
Immersive Room
The immersive room content presents three stories inspired by Ulsan landscapes, where visitors will follow the majestic whale. The first content is themed around Ganjeolgot, showcasing the breathtaking scenery and the harmonious relationship with nature. The second content draws inspiration from the Taehwagang Bamboo Forest, evoking a mysterious atmosphere with the sounds of nature. Lastly, it features the enchanting sight of a mystical whale swimming above the city of Ulsan, captivating the imagination of the visitors.
The stunning visuals of nature and cityscapes, created using the Unreal Engine, are sequentially projected through a 20-meter curved mapping projection. This allows visitors to experience an unforgettable sense of immersion throughout the viewing experience.
Memory Box
The Infinity Archive Room allows visitors to enjoy materials related to Ulsan’s past, present, tourist attractions, and representative whales. When visitors reach an interactive spot, one archive videos will be randomly played. This provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy fascinating materials about Ulsan’s history, tourist spots, and representative whales from various perspectives.
As a prelude to the interactive spot, an idle video is projected. When visitors stand at the designated standing point, the tracking sensors detect their presence, and memory videos are projected along with wave-like patterns. The walls and floor, made of mirrors, create an illusion of infinite space, seamlessly connecting with the ceiling and allowing the videos to unfold from multiple angles without interruption.
Through the Ulsan mobile tourism app, visitors can create their own personal companion whale character and share it in the digital aquarium. Additionally, a media zone is provided where visitors can interact with their companion whale character in a real-world setting, stepping beyond the boundaries of the mobile app. This space allows visitors to physically meet and interact with their whale character, offering the opportunity to feed them or touch them, creating an enjoyable and immersive experience.
Using the QR code generated by the Ulsan mobile tourism app, individuals can upload their specially designed companion whale and accessories to the digital aquarium, accompanied by beautiful effects. These uploaded whales can interact with visitors by detecting their touch positions on the large digital aquarium consisting of 12 signage displays.
The successful exhibition of the Whales Fantasium during the Ulsan Whale Festival in 2023, which attracted 300,000 visitors, played a significant role in establishing Ulsan as a smart tourism city. This exhibition served as a vital component of the whale festival, promoting tourism industry and local economic revitalization in the Ulsan region. Not only during the Whale Festival period, but also as a permanent exhibition, it continues to provide joy and inspiration to visitors. Those who visit this space can experience the nature and culture of Ulsan through encounters with whales, while appreciating the city’s development and the beauty of art.

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