Interactive Exhibition
NEXON NEpository

Have you ever seen (played) a game called NEpository, that doesn’t exist on the planet?

Client. NEXON Computer Museum
Category. Exhibition 
Date. 2021.04


It is an archive exhibition hall that presents the process of developing online games from diverse perspectives and methods. An overlook of the humanities and cultural and artistic values of online games It provides developers a status as a culture creator and gamers a fandom as a cultural customer.


Some games have been suspended during the planning or development stages. Nexon’s Repository is a space that archives and manages its development projects. Let us invite you to Nexon’s hidden storage space called ‘NEpository.’

Play Video
Archive Screen
Signal Triangle Screen

It is the main screen of the exhibition hall, structured to allow gamers to immerse themselves in the content from the outside and inside.

The connected images come at a glance and enhance the visitor’s sense of immersion. It also allows the visitors to enjoy the elaborate artworks on each screen as essential elements of the game, such as items, characters, and maps, are categorized.

The games with 7 code names, unpublished scenes, and the videos edited with images are produced by analyzing the colors of the three screens through the use of a data algorithm and linking the CMYK values of all the lighting in NEpository Exhibition Hall.

Developer's Floppy Disk
Archive Disk

The visitors may insert a floppy disk that has a secret code into the table, which displays the contents of the category on the screen, and the touch-screen system allows them to browse the archives of interactive experiences.

The visitors to NEpository Exhibition Hall may get information on 4 unreleased games. Inserting each game’s floppy disk allows the visitors to view the plan, which was under development, the references, and the artworks of sketched images. The visitors may also watch demo test videos and movies by touching the screen themselves.

It is designed to give visitors an experience like opening a developer’s folder, allowing visitors to have easy experiences with simple touch-based interaction and intuitive category alignment.

One ‘secret floppy disk’ other than the 7, requires the visitors to find the correct password to get information. The way that instructs the visitors to figure out the password by finding the Easter eggs in NEpository Exhibition Hall adds curiosity.

Developer's Computer
Performated Plate Space

Made of steel to give a symbolic idea of looking into the developer’s computer.

Created a more lively space by changing the signal color of the LED lightings.

The visitors have obtained diverse information of data such as artworks and plans prior to development.
All the walls inside the exhibition hall are filled with artwork postcards, and the visitors could take all the papers. Reproduced three-dimensional models of game items utilizing ‘Looking Glass,’ visual hardware to enable the visitors to view them from diverse angles.

Secret Code
Find The Hidden Code

There are various Easter eggs hidden in the exhibition hall.
The visitors are able to view everything on the developer’s computer, including plans, brainstorms, and even their simple notes and scribbles to find the secret code.

Created an exploring space where visitors get a chance to try and find the Easter eggs hidden in the monitor and texts and play unreleased games that are currently under development.


Those who have interests in games and those who have no interest at all both have curiosity about unreleased games as they were suspended in the development stage.
It may often be considered a failure, but developers must have put much more effort into the development process than any other project.
For example, a game with drastic challenges and a game that was almost at the final step of development. We endeavored to form a simple space where visitors could visually understand and experience the artistic concerns and complicated algorithms necessary for developing a game.
We decided to establish the exhibition hall with the idea of providing the direction of exciting exhibitions and information in diverse ways and perspectives, that only NEXON can do.

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Pixicity AR Game

마커리스 증강현실 기술이 위치 기반으로 적용된 모바일 게임 픽시시티. 플레이어들은 거리를 돌아다니는 몬스터들을 사냥하고 픽셀을 얻을 수 있습니다. 플레이어들은 거리에서 랜드마크를 찾아 공격하고, 거리의 픽셀 몬스터로부터 수집한 픽셀을 이용해 점령할 수 있습니다. 프로토타입은 유니티 어플리케이션으로 제작했습니다.

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Digital Clouds DIY Smart Props

로우폴리 스타일의 인터랙티브 디지털 구름을 제작했습니다. 천장에 설치된 인터랙티브 구름들은 메인 서버와 연결되어 사전에 프로그래밍된 라이팅 효과에 따라 부드럽게 빛을 냅니다. 구름 형태의 시각적 완성도를 높이기 위해 커스텀 3D 모델링을 기반으로 하드보드와 솜을 이용하여 제작했습니다.