Interactive Exhibition
Korea National Marine Museum
Imagine The Abyss

Imagine the Abyss

Category. Interactive Exhibition 
Date. 2021.05


The exhibition tells about why humans went underwater and what the deep sea means to them. 
It delivers media art and digital experiences through various interactive contents and videos.


This exhibition looks back at the universal value of mankind’s curiosity about the deep-sea world with the history of submersible development. It remind to the visitors the challenging spirit of mankind, who does not give in to difficulties and dreams of the future underwater world.

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With the development of submersibles, we look back on the universal value of mankind’s curiosity about the deep-sea world and re-illuminate the challenging spirit of mankind who dreams of a future undersea world without giving in to difficulties.


Humanity begins diving 

Towards the yearning and imagination of the deep sea of mankind.


Into the deep sea

The story of mankind’s desires and challenges to the sea.


Nautilus 21

A journey to the imagination of mankind in fiction.


Towards dark abyss

About the development of science technology and the future of mankind .

Real-time Media Content
Imagine the Abyss

Visitors can interact and explore the beauty of the ocean with a large interactive real-time media art inspired of Jules Verne novel “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas”. The journey invite the visitor to dive into 3 parts of the ocean.


Sunlight: Marine creatures in the ocean swim in response to visitors’ touch.  


Midnight: Kraken from the original novel appears, moves and stretches along with the audience’s touch.


Abyss : Deepest sea imagined by mankind is created into particles that react to the audience’s touch and movements. 


Unlike traditional video immersive content, real-time contents are used to move objects randomly in each scene as if they were alive. The movement of the objects creates a different kind of image that is not repetitive even if you look at the same scene. Interactive contents are mapping projected on a 27 meters curved wall and sensors are installed to allow the visitors to touch the entire area of the screen. 

DMX Lighting And Mapping Projection
Sunlight Ocean

It talks about the longing and imagination of the unknown world imagined by mankind.

The dreamy surface of the sea creates a feeling of being immersed in the sea.

Interactive Wall
National Submarine


Through a fun experience, we created interactive wall that shows the records of submersibles from all over the world. When visitors touch submersibles, they travel as if they were exploring, and the submersible records are displayed. Through an intuitive experience using lidar camera for touch detection, visitors can see the information directly. The cute design of the actual submersible made it into a more friendly image look as well.

Machine Learning
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

To help visitors to understand the contents of the immersive room, we introduced the story of Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” through an interactive book. With the artwork moving in the pages, we created a magical book full of curiosity with the moving pages. When you turn the page, the texts are written and the pictures are completed. 


We create an analog experience by reflecting page data through machine learning. It helps visitors understand the plot and functions as a content that raises expectations and curiosity about the scene of the space that will be unfolded. 

Deep Sea

From the desire to reach deeper into the sea and stay longer, humans have come up with and developed various submersibles. Along with the development of science and technology, the development of mankind, which is gradually becoming a reality, was displayed as solidarity information using images and videos. After producing motion animation by scanning the image of the artifact in high resolution, the LED panel was placed in a frame to create a living moving image. 

Interactive Floor
Particles Waves
Floor projection mapping was set up to go back from the abyss to the shore of the land. It contains a metaphor that creates the end of the exhibition through the artwork visual of the waves and particles of the abyss. According to the positional tracking system, particles of the abyss wrap around visitors with every step. And the exhibition is completed by the particles following the visitors outside.

Opened in May 2021, “Imagine the Abyss” was the first realistic media art planning exhibition at the Korean National Marine Museum. Although there are restrictions on visitors due to the issue of COVID-19, many Busan visitors are talking about it on social media, and the ticket was sold-out on weekends, so visitors had to book two weeks in advance. 

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Pixicity AR Game

마커리스 증강현실 기술이 위치 기반으로 적용된 모바일 게임 픽시시티. 플레이어들은 거리를 돌아다니는 몬스터들을 사냥하고 픽셀을 얻을 수 있습니다. 플레이어들은 거리에서 랜드마크를 찾아 공격하고, 거리의 픽셀 몬스터로부터 수집한 픽셀을 이용해 점령할 수 있습니다. 프로토타입은 유니티 어플리케이션으로 제작했습니다.

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Digital Clouds DIY Smart Props

로우폴리 스타일의 인터랙티브 디지털 구름을 제작했습니다. 천장에 설치된 인터랙티브 구름들은 메인 서버와 연결되어 사전에 프로그래밍된 라이팅 효과에 따라 부드럽게 빛을 냅니다. 구름 형태의 시각적 완성도를 높이기 위해 커스텀 3D 모델링을 기반으로 하드보드와 솜을 이용하여 제작했습니다.